Bighorn Airways operates a diverse fleet of fixed wing aircraft and helicopters. Our aircraft are used in a variety of applications and configurations including special use/missions, charter, air ambulance, aerial application, and aerial survey.

Special Use/Missions:
CASA 212 and Dornier 228 are in service around the world working hard for governments and operators providing for their special mission needs. Both aircraft are capable of jump operations, cargo drop operations, Short Takeoff & Landing (STOL) operations. Bighorn Airways recently received Airplane Night Vision Goggle (ANVG) Operations approval for the Dornier 228 aircraft.


Bell 206 Jet Ranger Ill and Hiller UH-12 helicopters are used primarily in aerial survey, aerial application, external load, and predator control missions.


Aerial Application, Aerial Survey, Support Aircraft, Flight Training:
AT-401B/402B, C340, C210, C180, C172, PA-18.

Air Tractor

Coming this summer!